Monday, 30 March 2015

Urban Decay Favorites using the Original Pallet


Face it ladies we all have that one pallet is our go to, or shadows that we use all of the time. So I'm sharing you my favourite pallet that I always find myself going back to.That is the Urban Decay's original Naked pallet. It's a great pallet for someone who is looking into their first pallet, it's got everything you need. In the pallet you have a great range of shades, you have highlights all the way to how to create the dramatic smokey eye with ease. All these colors are all workable together and non in the pallet look out of place. Also the texture of these shadows are creamy and silky, they transfer so well to your lid. If you have oily lids I would advise to use a primer, that way they stay on all day.  So the shades I'm sharing with you in this post, are some that I find myself using all the time. So I'm gonna break these colors down for ya and tell you how I use them.

Naked : Perfect warm soft matte brown that looks good in a crease.  I tend to use this to deepen my crease on looks I've already got going. I find starting off with the crease while using this, makes the look not as muddy looking.

Sidecar: Brown taupe color with a slight shimmer. I find this color has a lot of fall out, wouldn't put on concealer before using this shade. The one thing that helps to apply this shade with minimal fall out is patting this color on, with a flat shadow brush. This technique helps a lot with out to much on my under eye. I love using this all over my lid just for a simple one single shadow look it's quick and easy.

Buck:  Another great matte color in this pallet, few shades deeper than the Naked shade. I mainly use this in my crease or when I do a brown smokey eye. This color is also great to do my brows when I feel like filling them in.  I use this when I want a settle look just for running around just add some eyeliner an mascara BAM your done.

Half Baked:  This gold shimmery color is one of my favourites in the pallet. Its great by itself or with one of the matte shades in the crease. Sometimes I do one of the dark colors in the pallet and just use this on the lid.


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  1. I love the Naked palette. I mean...who doesn't? It's just so pretty.

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