Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Some Samples.....


If you have been reading my blogs you know I have sensitive skin, so bad that some products give my chemical burn. Dealing with chemical burn sucks I had to go on  special cream and stop using face wipes and make up while healing. So the only wipes I can use to take off make up in a pinch is the Simple brand. But I rather wash my face the old fashion way with a good cleanser, but since my skin problem finding the right one is hard.  But I've been on the search for a good cleanser and moisturizer, one good thing is Sephora gives out samples. Samples have helped me so much through my skin issues. I go in with my list of cleansers or moisturizers and get little samples for me to try. I find trying them for me is key to see if they break me out or I get a reaction to the ingredients in set products.  So within the 2 times on going into Sephora and getting my favourite BB cream ( Tarte) the first time, the 2nd time I just went in to get some product info.  I've came out with about 6 samples, if you are not sure about one product line the ladies are there to help you. Use them they are a great help, some of these products I wouldn't look at with out someone telling me about them. I've used these for a straight week on each, so it's a fair on each sample. I've also put them in order to which I got them.  * All prices are from Sephora Canadian online 

Claire's Gentle Cream Cleanser ($34 CAN) -  My friend was the one to recommended this to me. One thing I found with Clairen's products in Canada is  from Sephora or at The Bay ( department store ) the price range is terriable. My Sephora also doesn't have all their collection so it's a hit or miss on what they have. But back to the product itself it's a great product, it left my skin feeling great slightly tight though. It took off everything with a great foam that felt tingly kinda all over my face. I like the product will I try other cleansers or scrubs. The price point for me thought will be one I'll look into on if I really enjoyed it, I have maybe 2 days left in the little pot. 

First Aid Beauty Cleanser   ($7-25 CAN ) - I've heard so many great things on this product and brand, so I thought I would try it. Into day 3 I didn't like it at all, made my skin tight and red after washing. So I'm gonna use it to the little tub is gone, but will not look into their face cleansers. I think I may get a moisturizer from them to try though. If you any suggestions on this brand please let me know, I can't give them a F for just one product. 

Origin's Cheeks & Balances Cleanser  ( $15-25 CAN) -  Out of the 3 cleansers I enjoyed this one the most. The milky texture is amazing on your skin. I've battled with the tightness on my skin for some time, once used this product once and never had that feeling also a great balance as well with using it for a week.  It removed all my make up and residue from all make up plus wipes from the night before. I think once I'm done with all my other cleansers I have use up I will be going to get this. 

Ole Henriksen moisturizer ($50 CAN )  -  OMG this stuff smells like a fresh fruit basket! After the shower is a great smell I think, but it's no over powering that it gets gross. It's very moisturizing but not greasy one bit. It's a thick moisturizer so a little goes a long way but it melts and spreads simple. This one was recommended to me from one of the Sephora clerks, with me going in and trying different products she has helped me a lot. The only thing that is stopping me from buying this for everyday is the price point. 

O.H CC Cream ($45 CAN)  - I was just trying this to see if there was a difference in a BB cream. So I got color IQ from the lady at Sephora. She got me a sample of this, is this in my price point for a CC or any make up product for my face not really.  I don't have problem areas that are drastic to me so I'm happy with my BB cream.  I found it hid my redness  more on my cheeks and gave me more of a smooth face look. I would recommend this to any one that has redness from acne scars or more acne prone skin. It really filled in my large poor around my nose that really doesn't bother me though. The price point is a little high for this product when there are so many others that would do the same thing. So go do your research you will find something you will like in a different brand.

Boscia BB Cream ($47 CAN) -  When I first put this on my skin with my flat top kabuki, it was very dewy. If you like the dewy skin look you will like this in your collection, but if you have oily Tzone or skin I would look more shiny even with this being oil free. Once I finished my concealer and my powder and bronzer, it helped a little bit, but it also felt that I was wearing a lot of product. I'm not the one for that feeling. One thing I have to say I love about this it has a high SPF protection in it 27 SPF, which is more to others on the market. 

One thing I do use I use a Qtip to get BB creams out of little sample container, found it was the best way to get it out. Gets under my nails and it's a little stubborn to get out of that area. 

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  1. I too have heard great things about First Aid beauty cleanser but now that I read your review, I'll be giving it a miss. I have dry and sometimes very dry skin so I don't think anything that will make my skin tight. Good to read about Ole Henriksen moisturizer, I have been curious about the brand for the longest time. Might pick that up to try. Great review!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity