Thursday, 12 March 2015

Single shades that look good single


Let's face not all the time we have the time to do a full eye make up look, sometimes we just have time for one. We all have those shadows that we can just sweep across the eye add mascara and go.  No fuss on blending shadows, no thinking on should you go  dramatic or natural looking. So I give you my favourite shadows that I use by themselves, that's right all these shadows are great alone.  When I did this post I totally look at all my shadows and I picked these 4, didn't mean to pick all Urban Decay shadows. I was trying to give you a mixture of drug store as well but none of my drug store brands I wear alone. Most of my drug store shadows are quads or trios, that you have to layer to make a look. That doesn't mean that these 4 that I picked, you could probably find a drug store shadow that is similar to the ones I list. 

Smog- This rich cocoa color it's great shade to smoke out over the lid. I use a small dome smudge brush to smudge across my top lash line, but I pull slightly up so it feathers up a little. When I  use this in a look I use it in the outer < along side a lighter all over lid color. Also would look great smoked out also on the bottom lash line to complete a look. 

Chopper- This taupe has more a golden tone think it would be flattering on every skin tone. I use this with smog sometimes to fast quick 2 color look. Also if you have a Naked 2 pallet you have this color already there in the pallet. 

Chase - This is my go to color to sweep all over my lid, add mascara and my every day look is complete. I use a matte light brown in my creases sometimes, so there isn't such a harsh line. 

Last call - If this color shocks you don't be alarmed, I've had this color for a while in my collection and it still gives me the WOW factor. This cranberry color is so bold but there are so many way you can settle this color in a look. This color was my first that wasn't a natural color or in my comfort zone.  Iv'e used it for eyeliner and also smudged it out like smog across my eye. With a look I use a shimmery pink like Sin (Naked 1 ) along side with bold and strong in my outer <. 

What are some of your favourite one step shadows ? 

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