Monday, 9 March 2015

My every night out eye


I'm going to come out truthful here when it comes down to day to day make up, I'm more a mascara lip balm kinda gal. Than when the weekend comes up it's make up madness, full face and eyeshadows goes on. I found this look has gotten me a lot of compliments and is great if you have blue/green eyes. This look is so versatile as well you don't have to use the same colors I did. All you need is  2 dark colors and a mid tone shade. One dupe I found close enough if you don't have a shade like toasted is Sable from MAC it's very similar in warmth brown. To show you I did half my face with make up to show the difference and comparison. For time sake and not to waste my products in just one picture. I did half my face and only used a little concealer,  will list everything I would use on a night out for you guys though.

What you will need :

Face : 

- Laura Mericer primer in radiant
- Tartes BB cream in light
- Garnier dark circle roller in light/medium ( Any concealer will work as well )
- Setting powder to make sure nothing moves if you are oily
- Bronzer I'm using Annabelle's right now ( Canada based make up brand )


- Urban Decay's Primer potion
- Naked 1 pallet, colors you will use are ( Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle )
- CG lengthening mascara
* Curling your lashes is optional

Lips : Optional 

What todo : 

If you want your shadows to last all night or day use a primer, I have oily lids so its a big step for me !! 

Take darkhorse and hustle and blend on a crease brush ( I used my sephora crease brush ) in the outer < on your eye, What ever is left pull slightly mid crease. 

Take a small flat shader brush ( I used the one that came with my Naked pallet) Put hustle on the parts where you have no shadow yet, after placed the shadow where I want it. What ever is left I blend into the darker shades. 

After I do that I conceal under my eye with my roller ball, make sure it's an upside down triangle. I blend that out with my fingers and than go back over it with my flat top kabuki, make sure everything is blended. I also set it with a powder to make sure it doesn't go any where. 

Curl my lashes and apply is many coast of your favourite mascara

Lip gloss is optional 

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