Saturday, 7 March 2015

Fun pedicure along with new nail shellac


Decided to share with you my manicure and pedicure designs for spring time. I get my nails done with bio- gel and shellac color. I go for french style because you can't see the line where your bio-gel starts and stops, it's less noticeable than if you paint your whole full nail. I love how I can just get my nails done and go don't have to wait for them to dry. They are low maintenance compared to doing my nails myself, I file them when needed and add hand cream but that's it. I get my nails redone every 6 weeks, sometimes they grow out faster some months but its well worth it I pay to get them filled $35 CAN. But this time when I went to get my nails done my salon had their spring collections of gel polish, I was so excited to see what new colors she has. This sparkly pink was my 2nd choice I had the purple/blue in my hand, but my nail lady said this pink color was selling fast with clients.  But now 2 days having my very pink sparkly nails on I decided to try my best to do a pedicure. The pedicure is simple sparkly base color and do lines with 3 choice of stripers. I hope you enjoy this look, if you re-creat this post a picture on twitter ( @KTMcG2)

My base color is Purple Diamond from Sinful colors. The design is simple just do lines with the 3 stripers.

New CND Spring collection ( Garden Muse ) - Butterfly Queen is what is on my nails. 

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