Thursday, 19 March 2015

Concealers my 2 fav's right now


This concealer world is new to me, I never really used full face make up. But I've been using BB cream lately and noticed that some of my blue of my veins peeking through. Also I've been a little red lately so I needed some help covering little problems. So one day I used my dark circle cover up and it worked like a charm. I love the cooling effect that the metal ball gives to your under eye area. But I was running out of my Garnier skin renew so I purchased Rimmel's match perfection in 2&1. I've used both of these separate and together and it gives me a great effect, covers the blue with our creasing and flaking. I do use some powder to set these both but I feather it out with a brush after.

The best way I found to apply these both is place the Garnier one first, it's a little thiner than the Rimmel. I place Garnier in a V shape under my eye, than to fill in I use the Rimmel one. Than I use my finger and blend out. Than I grab my foundation brush which has BB cream from doing my face, than blend till you got it all blended. I need to use a powder to set these because I'm oily. I just use the powder on my Tzone and press what ever is left on what I just concealed. If it looks a little to much I use my powder brush to dust of the excess left behind, so it doesn't look cakey.

Pros's of the Match 2-1 

- Great range of shades
- Concealer and highlighter
- adapts to your skin tones for easy blending
- blends and melts amazingly into my skin
- doesn't cake or settle in lines
-Creamy and buttery feeling

- The squeeze tube makes it hard to get product, and limit on how much or little you want
- The brush isn't the great for sanitary purposes
- No testers in store to color match, but used the product what I could see through the package to match as best I could. 

Pro's of the Garnier  anti- dark circle 

- In a roller ball the ball is metal so ti's soothing on your puffy skin under eye.
- You get the right amount of product on the roller ball
- Spreads evenly on skin
- Blends in very nicely
- Caffaine and lemon extract will help sooth bags and puffiness 

- Comes in only light/medium and medium/dark skin tones
- No color matching hard to see what color will work for you best
- Don't think you can get this exact same thing any more but they came out with a BB cream eye roller ( it does the same thing ).
- Tad on the watery side but that is because it has to distribute through a ball.

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  1. I like that the Rimmel one is a concealer and highlighter! I wanna try it!

    1. Yeah I found mixing them gives a great look, the rimmel one on it's own is a little flat but mixed with other one is a great combo.

  2. I have the Garnier one and for the longest time it was my HG concealer and then I discovered Maybelline Instant Age Rewind and there was just no going back. Hands down Maybelline Instant Age Rewind is the best I've ever used.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity