Saturday, 28 March 2015

CG ~ Lashblast - Full lash bloom


This product has been in my collection since it came out, but recently opened the package and tried it. Full lash bloom is a new member of the Lash Blast family from Cover Girl.  It's different from the other lash blast, it's more of a  natural looking mascara. It's got beeswax formula to it so it's more softer  and flexible on your lashes. My first thought on this mascara was great, wore it all day I like how natural it was on my lashes, it's also very light on your lashes. For me personally I bought it for an everyday mascara, that I could wear to work. So far as it stands up to my busy work day and schedule, but doesn't make my lashes look to dramatic  for my work place. I work with kids and having a dramatic eye isn't the greatest look, when in and out of play.

 The wand itself is totally different from other lash blast's that I've use. The wand got small plastic bristles with a few at the end of the wand as well. The wand reminds me a little of the Benefit They're Real. Found this wand got all my lashes nicely and the formula is a tad dry, but with 2 coats it didn't seem to clump on me. 


- Full lash effect 
- Felt natural on my lashes
- Was easy to wash off 
- Great wand with the little bristles at the end
- Didn't clump
- Didn't make my lashes have the spider effect 
- Loved how soft my lashes were with this, never felt brittle like some mascara's make your lashes. 
- Natural beeswax formula 


- Different from any other lash blast wand, took some time to get use to it
- Light formula multiple coats are needed I did 2 coats 
- Flaked a little on me... but I've heard this one tends to flake more

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  2. I have very fine and short lashes, so it's good to know how this one works...I usually need 'heavier' mascaras to complete what I lack...any recommendation of one with a more dramatic result? ^_^

    1. Cover girl's flamed out mascara with volume, or Almay's get up and grow mascara these might be what you are looking for into a mascara