Thursday, 5 February 2015

My new favourite look - Just 3 shades !


I find myself more and more reaching for this products, they all work so well together. I've worked my new look around these shadows and I find so many others to switch it up. My latest look it's kinda a 2-in 1 look, even if you don't have these exact shadows you may have some that are similar they will work just the same.I've used Naked 1 pallet also to complete this look as well just mixing up the colors,  it's a very versatile look. The picture with me down below is look number one !

 Everything will be listed below in steps for easy follow with list of brushes I used. ( I used ELF and bdellium brushes. )

Brushes list and what you will need  : 

- E.l.f. Studio Contour Brush

- E.l.f. Studio Concealer Brush 

- Bdellium - 785 tapered blending x2 ( I have another clean one to clean up the darker shade a little)

- Urban Decay Primer potion original one ( purple tube ) 

- A tube of your favourite mascara to complete this look, I used CG Lash Blast Lengthening 

For what I'm wearing in this photo:
I take Beware on the contour brush and sweep and blend it into my crease. Than onto the 785 brush with West and into the outer crease in a < pattern. You can take that darker color is light or as dark as you want, it all depends on the dramatic look that you want. After I get the darkness that I want, I take a clean 785 and clean up that darken area a little and drag it into my crease a little to match the Beware color. 

2n'd look: I wear this out mostly because it's fast and simple! Once you have mastered the top look, took me a while on how dark I wanted that outer < on my little eyes. I take the first 2 steps of the other look, than I go into MAC's Sable and fill in the place that is bare. I blend Sable into the darker color a little so it looks like it's one transition. I find with all the blending and all the layering you need a little more crease color specially to blend more in with sable. Note  * Start with the dark color first because will all blending it can look a little muddy. 
That's me !! 

Great Powerful OZ pallet in Thedora - West and Beware, along with MAC- Sable 

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this look, you guys can share your inspired looks with me on my twitter @KTMcG2

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