Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Empties - January addition


Ladies sorry  I can't give you a time line on when I started these empties, but finishing them are all I did in the month of January. I'm going to truthful on some of these shown below that I will not be  repurchasing. Not because I didn't like them but the just didn't do anything for me, some of these were winners though. I find sometimes that it is a 50/50 thing on products you buy these days. You may love them and keep buying that product or you don't ever want to use that product again. 

Joyco Body Full - I did a post when I bought this shampoo, there are 3 of us in the family! All 3 of us used this shampoo. We all liked it, it's a great everyday volume shampoo. But if you read my blogs specially my hair ones you know I have to switch it up or my hair is oily. It lathers great smells good adds body to my roots where I like it most. I love the bottle it's got a pump on it, so you don't have maneuver the big 1L bottle. It's a great investment specially if you want to stick to one shampoo, as a family we got at least 3 months out of it. 

Dove body wash - This was one that I will not be repurchasing it didn't do anything for me in a body wash. It was very buttery and creamy it lathered nice, just didn't think it did anything to my skin. I bought it because I live in Canada and our winters are harsh. The deep moisturizer one just didn't do anything for my skin at all. I've used different deep moisturizer body wash that feels way more nourishing to my skin than this one. 

L'oread ever pure ~ Volume - I bought this on a whim, someone suggested  it to me. I'd totally buy this for my hair in the summer. It's a great light shampoo for my hair with fortifying properties. Also with being color safe it helped with my treated hair with no sulfates in the shampoo itself. Also protected my hair going in and out of the pool just gave my hair a healthy look to it. I will buy this again for my hair in the summer it was great perches, thanks to the friend that suggested it!

Flamed out mascara (CG) - This is my favourite!! So many good things about this mascara, this is the original one but since this one came out they have made a volume one ( purple lid with red tube) I love how this makes my lashes look and healthy and full with no flaking or smudging. If you haven't already tried this mascara you have to, takes some time to get use to the brush/wand. But it's well worth on how it makes your lashes look ! 

Dove Oxygen in Volume shampoo and conditioner sample -  Didn't do anything to my hair, didn't see any volume nor any moisture added. I loved how light  both of products were, it was great with anyone with fine or thin hair. Smelled amazing though worked into my hair great. Didn't leave a residue or anything. 

Bumble & Bumble Gentle shampoo sample -  I don't understand this one, didn't do anything for my hair. Maybe if I purchased a bottle and used it for a couple more days than just 2 washes maybe I would have a better thought on it. The conditioner to this I haven't used yet still in my cabinet, dont' need the added moisture that a conditioner would give. 

Crest toothpaste with scope for sensitive teeth -  Got this from my dentist from my last visit, these little travel size are great to try new tooth paste or any product. This toothpaste has the added bonus of SCOPE in a sensitive toothpaste formula. After brushing my teeth with it was great with the added scop it's very refreshing. One thing I really liked about this, was after brushing your teeth you still had a great minty breath after that lasted a good amount of time. 

Lush ~ Angels on bare skin solid cleanser sample  - UH NO !! Totally not for me at all, solid cleansers. I gave this a really hard trail still couldn't get use to it. Didn't like how you have to use this will just stick to liquid versions. I didn't feel like it washed anything off my face, just felt I was putting more poop on my face the way it felt. One thing I'll give it.. is it smelled great. 


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