Friday, 20 February 2015

Battle of the powder


Well ladies I'm talking about powder today, I only have 2 in my collection. If you have oil/combination skin you know powders all to well, they can be a godsend to keep everything from looking to shiny! So the 2 that I use are the  Cover Girl loose powder in 105 translucent fair.  Is a great drug store powder that comes in a compact or loose powder, with a great a ray of shades. In the other corner we have the award winning Ben Nye Banana powder. Both I love and both I love to use to set everything in place.  I do use the CG way more than the banana powder,  not because I like one more than the other. But don't know when I can get my hands on another jar of the Ben Nye I got it at Imats 2 years ago. If I was gonna get the Ben Nye powder again, I would just get the setting powder instead. When I purchased this at Imats they just had the Luxury powder with few shades, now they have come out with different powders and finishes. 

CG ~ 105 translucent fair  Pro's - 

 - Comes with own puff 
- Affordable  
- Comes in 5 translucent shades 
- Also can get in pressed compact 
- Not cakey doesn't' blog my poors
- Can build up powder for the oily parts 
- Matte finish 


- Loose powder can be messy 
- Puff can't really be clean but you can buy replacements 
- Bulky container 
- Too much on the brush or puff can look cakey if you don't blend out 

Ben NYE  banana powder Pro's -

- Matte finish 
- Amazing finish 
- Luxury powder only comes in 5 shades ( banana, rose pedal , buff, cameo, beige suede) 
- Comes in different sizes depending on what shade you're looking for 

** Now the containers do come in a dome lid like the CG loose powder for easy access.


- Hard to shake out into lid  bit messy 
- Hard to get your hands on Ben Nye goes through 3rd parties to sell their products 
-Shipping and Handling fee's 

** Pictures below ** 


Cover Girl - US-


  1. ooh great review thanks for sharing, its great to hear the cons too! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. I want to try that Ben Nye powder, but like you said it's hard to find. I don't know what part of Canada you're in (I'm in Vancouver) but where did you get it?

    - Iona | littlecutouts

    1. I got it when Toronto ( closest city to me) had Imats... That the only place i've seen it, this is also the site that I've seen it for a good shipping price

  3. this powder sounds so good! I've heard so many amazing things about it I really want to try it!

  4. I've been DYING to try this powder.. too bad about the shipping fees ugh!