Saturday, 7 February 2015

Battle of the mascara !!


Before I was big into the make up scene, there was one item that I would never leave the house before putting it on. That one thing is mascara its one staple that I can't live with out. I find that even if I don't put on full face make up on, mascara just makes me more put together than if I didn't wear it at all. So for you guys I went through my collection, of mascara from drug store favourites to 2 high end that I love using just to switch it up! So broke them down for you,and shared little bit for each one. I hope where you guys live you have a chance to try some of these. What  is one make up product that you can't leave the house with out wearing ?


NYC BIG VOLUME !!  - I got this sent to me by Influenster box, wouldn't gotten this mascara if it wasn't in the box. Never really thought of buying the NYC brand before trying this, its one of those brands that I look past at the drug store. When I first got this it was a little to wet for my liking in a mascara. Than I let it sit for a week to dry out a little, since I let it set for a week I tried it out again and absolutely  fell in love with it. I wear this mascara to work at 6:45am just wanted a simple easy to through on I found this to be the one. Gives me a great look with out a specific target example volume or length. The formula of this mascara is a little on the clumpy side till you get a hang of it, than it goes on very easy. I use the bow part of the curve wand I find it gets into you lashes better than using the scoop side.

Pro's - 
- Great every day mascara to through on
- Wears for a long time with out flaking or smudging 
-  Easy to wash off I just wash with cleanser, no residue or left over mascara 
- Coast is great approx range in Canada $4-8 CAN 

- Needed to let stand for a couple of days didn't like how wet, the formula was when fresh tube 
- The wand can be a little goopy 

Cover Girl Flamed Up Volume - The original was my favourite !!  So when they came out with a volume based one, I was so happy! If you curl your lashes it gives you amazing volume, even if you don't curl your lashes it gives you enough volume. I only curl my lashes when I'm going out, don't find it's needed all the time.  One thing I love about this mascara that I find is hard, its the full lash look with out being spider leg effect the spider effect is a big pet peeve of mine. It applies so well just 1 and half coats, the wand separates your lashes very well with less clumping or if any.

- Amazing look to your lashes gives them great definition
- Just as great as the first version 
- Separates lashes for a thicker look 

- Lot of people were having problems with the formula, it's not like lash blast but I good hybrid of their normal and lash blast formula. 
- $ 8-12 CAN
- Can become grumpy on wand when dried out a little with use

Lash Blast Length - Since I was a teenager this has been my favourite natural looking mascara. Out of all the other lash blast the wand is different its long and skinny with little tiny bristles. It really lifts and lengthens your lashes and it gives you a great natural look. If I don't want to have a dramatic lash I reach for this one all the time. The formula on this amazing it's very light, find that I need to do a couple coats to have the exact look. 

- $10-12 CAN 
- Very settle look, but build able for a great define natural look 
- Takes some time and effort with the wand 
- Lifts lashes up and out great when you curl your lashes 

- Need a little time to work into lashes
- Wand can be stubborn with the long wand and short bristles
- Flakes a little but I wore mine from 3-till the next morning 

Lash Blast 24/7 -  If you want a mascara that isn't water proof but acts like it you will love this one. It doesn't budge at all like it says in the name it stays on for 24/7. I've been to heavy metal shows and to the gym even a wedding in the summer heat never, by the end of all I never had racoon eyes or flaking/smudging, doesn't budge at all. The formula is perfect dry to wet, just like all the other lash blast the wand has short little bristles, that go right into your lash bed with ease. There is little clumping with this formula, but it does take a couple passes through your lashes to get it evenly they way I like them.  I found the easiest way to take this off is the make up remove that you have to shake to activate the 2 part system. Its' the only thing I found that takes this off with little scrubbing needed. 

- If you want a mascara that acts like it's waterproof with out being waterproof 
- Last a very long time with out flaking/smudging 
- $ 10-14 CAN 
- Lash Blast family 
- Great for heated months when I wear this
- Holds up to swimming and beach days 

- Little difficult to take off at night
- When cleaned off with normal cleanser still has residue left.
- Need a make up remover to take it off completely 

Other favourite one that is not shown here is the CG clump crusher, love how that one makes my lashes! I have a back up of this in my back up container along with the bloom one ( pink tube). I'll do a review on the bloom lash blast when I open it.

Drug store 

High End 

They're real! -  This seems to be a cult favourite with a few bloggers and tubers. For a high end one it's great but I find myself lately reaching for Make up forever one just a little more. The wand the bristles are plastic and short with a few long ones. One thing I do love is the little bristles on the end, they are great to get the little lashes that I have.  It gives your lashes a great dramatic look, makes them full, one thing I found depending on what I'm doing through that day it can smudge a little one me. I let this mascara dry out because when I got it in my birthday gift from Sephora it was too wet for my mascara liking. 

- Little bristles on the end, help with getting stubborn little lashes 
- Looks great on the lashes

- Smudges and flakes big time on me 
- $ 12-30 CAN
- Doesn't wear well on me 
- Hard to wash off once you wash it, it smears you have racoon eyes

Make up Forever Smoky extravagant -  This I got from this past birthday gift from Sephora it came with this baby mascara and a lip stick. I love hate relation with this mascara, I love the formula and the way it coats and makes my lashes. But the wand I'm still trying to figure out what is the best way to use this wand it's a different wand that I've never seen or used before. Its like a cone like wand is  thinner at one end and cone and round near the wand shaft. I find the design of the thin at the end all the product collects there, you do have to scrape off the little excess on the end of the tube. 

- Makes lashes very full looking 
- Wand gets every lash 
- Doesn't flake or smear through out the day
- Great formula wasn't to wet or dry 

- The wand needs some getting use to
- $ 14-30 CAN 
- Tip of wand gets goopy with product have to scrape excess off of with the side of tube



Cover Girl Canada - 

Make up forever Canada -


  1. it always amazes me how mascaras look on people and different reactions to them. thank for the reviews!

    1. Yeah I hear you... I can't wear maybelline mascara's they flake on me something bad. I wish I could because I hear a lot of great things, but it's not worth flakes in my eyes the whole day. Unless they changed their formula, not willing to spend the $$ on a mascara thats just gonna sit there and collect dust