Monday, 23 February 2015

Bath Body Works Body cream - Sea Island Cotton


If you're like me you have a slight addiction to Bath and Body Works, even if you don't need anything from them you still walk into the store. If you love their products specially their body care  you may want to check out this product from them. The stuff I'm gonna chit chat about this time is there Body creams.  It's a different from anything I've tried before, if you whipped lotion into a thick fluffy consistence you would have this cream lotion it's neat texture . I think it's thicker than their body lotions they have in store. The scent that I got when I was there is the  Sea Island Cotton, it smells like fresh laundry on a summer breeze day!  I'm not into flower scents I find them to strong and over powering. I'm no stranger to BBW body care, from their body wash to the lotions, and even their foot care. But found that the lotions were not moisturizing enough for the winter time, so I looked into their thicker formulas'.  Right of the hop I fell in love with the texture of this lotion  it's so thick and rich for not being a butter.  Very absorbing with out being greasy or oily on your hands or body. That is one problem I find with Body Shop lotions/butters' they are way to oily and I don't like that feeling. If you do like their lotion's from BBW they also have body butter option as well as their lotion. But it all depends what moisture relief you are looking for, or what type you would like to try.  The one thing that sold me fully on this is that it's in a squeeze tube. I hate getting lotion and product under my nails, and I find with the tub it gets everything.

- Squeeze tube
- Thick and rich texture
- Absorbs right in with out being greasy
- 51 scents to choose from
- Spreads easily
- Scents last for a good while before fading.
- Great for soothing dry skin
- Don't have to stick your hands in a jar/pot
-24h moisture
- Ultra Sheer

- Can be pricey ( but they do have some good deals all the time ) 
- Can be over powering specially on some scents they have
- Let sink into hands before touch anything turning door knobs is difficult lol :P

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