Tuesday, 6 January 2015

What I use to edit


I thought I would share with you the 2 editing App's I use to do my photo's.These app's you can get on the App store if you are a Mac/Iphone user, and Google play if your Android. I gave you guys 2  because one is simple and very straight forward, the other one a little more detailed.  For you guys I don't do much to my photo's I crop them to make them a little more neater. What I use to take my pictures varies from different things. I own a Canon Rebel T3, but I mostly take my pictures with my iPhone ( 5s ) or my iPad mini. When I use my Canon it's mostly for big blogs for empties and such because I can get all the products in the frame. I do switch back and forth to see what I like best for taking pictures. I add my blog site name to let people they are mine, and if I see them any where else I can ask them to take them down off their site. Why water mark your pictures, so no one steals on your hard work for their own blogs. If I do take a picture from google I don't place a water mark on it, soon I will be stating in below that some pictures that are in my blogs are from google.

So what are some of your favourite photo editing apps rather it's for blog or instagram.


The screen when you open Fotor, You get to pick on what you would like todo. 
Everything you need to edit or change colors on a photo are on the right side panel. Can be a little too much if you not sure what each thing does. 

Pixar is a little more user friendly on their home page and side panel now on the left. It's a little more technical on cropping and adding water marking. If you use photoshop or have you will like this one a little more. 

* You can get these APPs on your mac/pc iphone/android just search in the app store or google play.

Pixlr --
Fotor -- http://www.fotor.com

Google play - https://play.google.com/store
iTunes  - https://itunes.apple.com/ or Got into iTunes itself and go through that way.


  1. i just got amac!! I've not heard of these before, so thanks!!

    1. Well I'm glad this will help, they are 2 great programs. I like Pixlr a little more because it's a little more like photoshop.

  2. oh i'll have to check those out!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com