Sunday, 25 January 2015

Sinful Colors - Let's Talk


I went to Target before they are closing in Canada, to pick up some Sinful Color nail polish before I can't any more. I've been looking for a electric blue/purple for a while, I was eyeing this shade for a long time I was waiting for the polish to go on sale. Thought this was a great color for any season, you can even spice it up with some nail art or jewels. What are your favourite Sinful Color shades ?



  1. Such a pretty colour, I just hate painting my toes, luckily I only need to re-paint every2/3 weeks. x

    1. I hate painting my toes too but i can't paint my fingers any more.. I get bio-gel on my fingers. i know it's one of those colors that you can wear in the summer/winter, like not having certain shades for different seasons, my collection is big enough ! !

  2. I love that color! So pretty