Thursday, 29 January 2015

NYX- baked shadow


I picked this up at target before it was closing, in Canada we never had NYX before target opening. Thought a hard look on what they had, I fell in love with a shadow. Not just any pressed shadow it's a baked one. The only baked shadows I have is a Hard Candy one that I got from Walmart a while back. Baked shadows are great because you can get 2 effects out of just one color. 

 The NYX baked shadow that I got was Posh, which a shimmery rose color. There are shades of pink and gold in it, in the pan looks pinky toned but when swatched it's a settle pink/taupe color.  The reason I love baked shadows you can wear them 2 ways dry or wet the way your wear them is up to you or client. I like the effect that adding some water or some fix + to the application process, it makes the color a little more bolder it has more of a statement. Dry is a little more settle and great for the day time.  The way I apply this is with sponge applicator that is a little wet with water, than apply in the shadow. I apply it to my lower lids and use dry to blend into my crease so the boldness of the color is more on my lid than in my crease. 

Do you have a favourite baked eye shadow ?

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♥︎ KT


  1. i have not tried this one!! glad you shared it with us!

    1. the hard candy ones though when dry have a better effect and pigmentation than the NYX but they act the same while wet. I've been using this as I highlight dry in my inner eye and in my crease for a little shine !

  2. That is such a pretty shade! I really like baked shadows, and blushers as the sheen they give is like no other xx

    Gemma |