Monday, 12 January 2015

New dresser organization ideas ?


If you have been keeping up with my blog for a while you know just before christmas I was redecorating my room. The only thing I needed was my dresser and to re-hang my pictures on my walls. Well on NeKTw years eve I got my dresser from Ikea, took a couple days on putting it together. With my dad's help it came together nicely and put all my cloths in it. There was one spare small drawer that I was gonna use for make up. Thought it was a great storage idea specially for the make up I don't use all the time plus my nail polish. But I recently got sick so the organization of it coming together is halted. But this is what it is so far, there will be a pictures of my room and everything after I'm done with my room.

For the top of the dresser I'm hoping to get a tray or container, to stick on top for my perfumes and bottles so they come together nicely. If you have any organization tips please leave me a comment so I can't figure this out as pain free as I can. What's in the box you say... hahah its a hanger for the back of your door that you can hang stuff off of it. Thought it was a space saver in my tiny little room. 

♥︎ KT 

Sorry for the mess, but the joys of moving things around. Thinking on putting a table runner on top to help with keep the top clean. 
These are make up i don't use on a regular basis, nail polish and random eyeshadows. Products I've not open yet.
Need to get some little containers to help with organization.

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