Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Annabelle - Bronzer


Ladies with fair skin do you find it hard to pick our certain shades, in blush and bronzer because I've been searching... But the wait and looking at each brand very well I think I found my drug store bronzer! It's my first time purchasing bronzer so I wanted to start with drug store, before I purchased a higher end brand.

The brand that I went with is Canada only the brand is called Annabelle, they make great cosmetics. I use their eyeshadows but never their face products. The bronzer that I chose comes in 2 shades " Sun kissed" and "Sun Goddess ", I went with "Sun Kissed" because it was more lighter than the other which I thought would be more flattering for my skin tone. I use a big fluffy brush and do the "3 " on my face, kinda hitting with more product where the sun would hit you most. I use this in combo with my favourite highlighter ( Watt's up or sunbeam from Benefit). If you're thinking it might be a little to strong or to forward, just go in what you use to blend your foundation and buff it out. One thing with using this product for the past week, it's very forgiving I can build up the coverage or just wear little as I want of this. 

0.35 oz / 10g  $8.99 CAN in store online $7.95 CAN

What are some of your favourite bronzers or tips ? 

Canada only - http://www.annabelle.ca

** I'm sure my State and UK readers, you can maybe find a website or on Amazon or eBay. 

♥︎ KT 

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