Thursday, 4 December 2014

October / November Empties !

Ladies !! 

It's that time again. I decided to combine 2 months worth of empties for you guys. I did how I would normally do one of these blogs for you, I did the tiles ( Face,body,hair ). Than I went into depth on each product for you guys. Feel free if you want any more info leave me a message in the comments below. 


Simple face cream in SPF 15 - This is my favourite every day face moisturizer. It's very light weight and soaks into your skin with little residue. Find with my sensitive skin this is the best when my skin is acting up, with SPF in it it's great all year round.

Shiseido Ultimate Power concentrate  - Got this in a magazine, tried it and didn't even notice a different in my skin. Maybe if I had more of the product that just one application it maybe different review. This had an amazing smell to it, also gave my skin some good even look.

Garnier eye make up remover - Great product for stubborn mascara and eye make up. It gets everything off. I use it to clean up with a cotton pad for getting fall out on my cheeks before adding my foundation.

Body Shop soothing eye make up remover - I just finished my little travel bottle, I have a bit bottle still left. I love this stuff it's great stuff, it's great for my sensitive eye area. I also recently got into the dual waterproof one as well. They are great combo, specially if you have sensitive skin like I do. Defiantly worth the money for these products, also you get more in a bottle than you would any drug store brand.

Dr. Brandt ~ XYY youth face cream sample  - I absolutely love this stuff, they only problem I have with this stuff is the price tag it's about $ 68.00 CAN. They girls at Sephora gave me 2 sample packs, but I used one and saved the other for another time to do a review. The way it made my skin feel was amazing, very hydrating but not greasy. The thing that I like about it's Paraben, Sulfate, Phthalate free, specially with putting on your face I really watch what goes into a product.Also created a great base after letting it soak in a little for BB cream/founation found it was a great look.  One thing I wish it had to make was SPF, just because it's winter doesn't mean the sun can't burn your face.

Benefit Big Easy BB cream  sample - This is great I'm trying to find the right BB cream for me.The coverage is light/medium, but you can get a good coverage if you put a little concealer on tricky areas before hand. I would recommend this to any one that has an oily Tzone, that is my problem area and it didn't slide very much. I set everything with a powder just for this reason, didn't look heavy when I added the setting powder. Very happy with this product sample, will be looking into this full bottle.


Marc Anthony dry shampoo - This product for the name was very disappointing. It didn't do anything for my hair or the oil that I was trying to soak up. Will not be buying this again or recommend it.

Pantene dry shampoo- LOVE !!!  this is a great drug store brand of dry shampoo. Specially if you have baby fine hair this is great stuff. I have really oily hair and this collects it all, with a great smell to it. Didn't notice the white cast in my red/brown hair, but I make sure it's worked in good. I just spray it in the spots that I need it, let it sit for a little than brush out or use your fingers. Great all around product will be getting this again.

Pantene Repair and protect conditioner - This was great and light weight, perfect for my hair. Did I notice a different if it actually worked on damage, not really because my hair is in great shape shocking because I dye and use a straightener on it all the time. But did it help my ends and fly-aways yes it helped with that huge.

Biolage hydra conditioner - This was a hydration shampoo/conditioner I had a sample of. By far this is the best hydration combo I've used, when you have fine hair you really have to watch with hydration shampoos and conditioners.

Lush ~ Rehab shampoo - This is my first Lush products I got from the company. All I can say of this shampoo is great wonderful things. With normal shampoo I'm lucky to get a 2nd day with my hair before having another shower, that's how greasy it gets just day/night . This shampoo makes my hair clean and a wonderful texture. Love the smell it took some time to get use to but fell in love with it. Next Lush visit I will be getting more of this stuff. I would recommend this shampoo to any fine hair people out there.

L'oreal conditioner from a dying kit - I loved the color this hair dye gave me. But hated using the prodcut. Worse product box dye I've used, don't know if it was the dye it self was maybe breaking down or it wasn't co-operating with my hair. So it goes for the deep conditioner they had in the box, it made my hair so conditioned that it felt like when your hair is staticky in the winter time. Didn't not like what this did to my hair. Some of the product went down the drain because just wanted to get it over with.

* If you read my blogs you know I don't need conditioner, don't buy it just get samples that always come with the combo.


Shaver by bic- It's a shaver, best disposables I've used. They don't last long maybe 1-2 months before I had to get another one. But this was a fill in till I could get replacement heads to go on my embrace razor.

Lush body wash in Ponche- Loved it when I got it at lush, but got sick of the smell after a while. I think this is year ago christmas scent, not sure if you can get it any more.

Nail polish remover-  A must for any girl that likes to do her nails or toes. I love doing pedicures so this bottle has lasted me a while. I have Bio-gel on my fingers so don't need to do my nails all the time.

Dove tester of sensitive skin body wash  - I got this from my Doctor, he said that it's brand new for sensitive skin types. I loved what it did to my skin and how soft it made it, when it came to smell it reminded me of the hospital soak in the dispensers. Since than I repurchased a different scent of style of the Dove body wash and I love it !

♥︎ KT 


  1. So many empties! I feel like I barely have finished anything the past few months! I've been wanting to try that Garnier eye makeup remover! May need to go buy it!

    1. I love their eye make up remover for the smell, it's like fresh green grapes. Also I find it doesn't bother my eye area, and iv'e had some difficulties with my skin around them lately doesn't bother them at all. Great product to have

  2. Oh my god! I've been using the Pantene dry shampoo too. It's so good!

    1. I love it even the Herbal essence ( orange bottle ) is great too they both are my favourite. I can't buckle down to buy batiste for $8 bucks a can in Canada