Tuesday, 2 December 2014

New Gadget !


This is just an update to whats been going on. I've haven't gotten any new products lately, but soon there will be a Oct/Nov empties coming soon !.  I just recently picked up a iPad mini ( gen 2 ). I wanted something I could read books off of, because I'm running out of room for actual books in my collection. Don't get me wrong I will still buy books that I already have series for in my collection, just more practical to have ebooks on some stuff. Also some magazine's you can only get online now, so I think soon more companies and authors will be doing the same. I'm a apple girl, I have already iPods, Macbook pro, router and iPhone 4, their products are never led me in the wrong direction. I got my iPad at my local electronic store, it was $283 I would recommend getting a case though. Is there any apple products that you love or have loved.

Got any book suggestions or APPS ? 

From Apple.com, these are each Generation with GB and Prices 

These are the Apps that are built into the iPad. Also some of these you can get free from Apple's APP store. 

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