Monday, 24 November 2014

Bdellium brushes


I'm hear to talk about some amazing brushes ! The brushes I'm going to talk about are Bdellium brand. Out of all my brushes these guys are my favourite, they wash up great and they are so soft. I found these brushes out when I went to Imats with my friend 2 years ago. The first brushes I got was a crease brush. I fell in love with that one crease brush. So when I went back to Imats the next year I added another crease brush but in pink bamboo and flat shadow brush. Love these so much that I want to replace all my brushes for these ones.  My foundation sponge was falling apart, and just the thought of bacteria growing just grossed me out. So when Bdellium had a special on free shipping and handling, I went for getting another 2 brushes from them. I got a flat top kabuki and another crease brush.

( These are all from their Bambu Series ) 

- Eco Friendly 
- Vegan 
- Bamboo Handles
- Synthetic bristles 
- Cruelty Free 

Precision Kabuki (957) -  Good for liquid foundation, powders and even cream-to powder. Even versatile enough for bronze.  Great for buffing for an air-brushed effect on your face, with great control.
Shadow (777) - Great for all over the lid color shadow brush. Also goes in at the sides so it's great for  bottle lash line as well. Also found this is great for highlighting brow bones as well it fit right under the arch.

Tapered blending (785) also in pink  - These ones are dual fibre, also one of my favourite. These are the brushes that got me hooked. This gets the product where you want it to go with minimum fall out. Also I use a clean one to clean up and blend, the tapered end helps a lot.  gets the product in there also using  this 

One thing I like about having the different color hair than just black, you can tell when you truly need to clean. I'm not saying you should go a long time with out cleaning your brushes, but it helps when you can see how dirty they are. Also helps in the reverse way when you clean them, you can tell you got all the product out.

 How I clean these I just do the traditional method by using my hand and Beauty Blender soap. This combo is great it keeps them clean and keep your brushes in great condition. If your cleaning the foundation brush or other brands. Would use the soap more than once just to make sure all the product was out of the hair. Also if you don't have the fancy brush soap, you can use baby shampoo, it works just as well. Once you have clean them I lay them on a paper towel and let air dry over night. 

My collection !!! 

♥︎ KT 


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