Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Aveeno -Calming Body wash


It's winter time and between my mom and I, we get very dry skin during this time of year. We normally buy 2 different body washes so we can determine what is better moisturizing for us. Finding a good body wash for our Canadian winters to keep you skin from looking like alligators is hard. My last body wash post I did was on the Dove moisture, it's been good. It's very creamy and great for dry skin, but if you get irritated skin or dry patches it's not great for soothing those problem areas.

So my mom and I decided to try this Aveeno active calming body wash in the scent Lavender Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang. Aveeno body washes are my favourite they are very moisturizing and soothing for those tough scaly legs/body. We find we get the best results in the winter time with Aveeno body washes. One thing we both agreed on the scent could be a little more stronger. It's is a very settle you barely can smell it but you know its there. Which is great if you have scent sensitive people that find lavender to strong. This body wash is a great creamy, lathers up very well and works great on a puff. With using this product for 6 days now I'll be trying out the others they have in the drug store this winter time.  

What is your favourite moisture body wash ? ....

♥︎ KT 

Sites : 

Canada - www.aveeno.ca
US - http://www.aveeno.com
UK - http://www.aveeno.co.uk

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  1. that is a great body wash--calming like you said