Sunday, 19 October 2014

Vaseline ~ spray and go


OK! ladies this is going to be a duo thought on this product. My mom and I both reviewed this product. We have been both using this for couple months now, so we have gave it some time and thought. 

 Got the Vaseline spray and go lotion this is formulated for dry skin. There are 3 types in this spray and go family.  ( yellow, green, brown.)  We thought the yellow one was more fitting for our needs. We thought this would be good for the both of us in the summer time. We started to noticed that we were getting dry legs after swimming, so we needed something we could use in between deep moisturizing. I normally use very rich creams for my legs because I tend to get most dry on my legs. My mom likes this product because she hates putting lotion on her legs.  I like deep conditioning moisturizers on my legs, because it seems that they are the first thing to get super dry. But this was good for the times I wanted a light moisturizer between using my thick body creams and potions.  I'd have to say this was great for the times in the morning that you were slightly rushed, it was great just to spray on your legs and go.  One thing be agreed on is it's not sticky or greasy, it blended in your skin no problem with out having that feeling that you have a thick lotion on. 

Have you tried this product yet, what are some of thoughts on this product ? ♥︎ KT 

Green - Aloe 
Brown - cocoa butter 
Yellow - Dry skin 

Pro's ;
- Very moisturizing for being a spray 
- Great for times that you don't have enough time to stick on normal moisturizer. 
- Even spray once you get the hang of the button.  
- Great a mount of product in spray can 
- Fast easy to use, would be great for kids 

- If you think this is going to be a deep luxury moisturizer, this isn't for you 
- Can be messy and drippy got to rub in your legs once it's sprayed on


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