Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Room update #4


Hey ladies!!  I've been really busy trying to get is much as my room back together as possibly can, it's been difficult to get my room back together when I've gone back to work. But I've been puttering slowly to get everything back to the way it was I decided to change my room. On a side note sorry for the lack of posting, also been trying to use is much products up. Instead of boring you with the same post decided to just leave it. Let me know if you want any follow up post on things you might want to know about using a product over monthly basis. But back to my room deal, I still need my dresser but I think I may have to wait for that, its' hard to put things back because things are based around my dresser and what hight that going to be at. But I think the walls that I don't need to wait I think I might put my pictures back up and making it start to feel homey again. I'm looking at a long shelf above my bed to put pot dim lights under so I have some more light in my room, because I took down my purple rope lights down. 

So far since the last post is my new bed and my new mattress. My bed is great for extra storage, which when you have a small bedroom, this comes in handy. My bed comes with  4 large storage boxes on casters, so easy to get stuff in and out. 

Bed info : 

Sheets - are also Ikea ~ Gaspa 

Dresser will also be from Ikea ! 
Corner shelf is from - Home Depot. 

Added a corner shelve above my bed, so I could put my clock radio and a box of tissues. 
Also it's going to be for my tv remotes and my book that I maybe reading that set time. Thought it was a great idea,
because I will be getting rid of my night stand organizer that I have. 

Brusali bed from Ikea !

Sultan Hansbo memory foam pillow top mattress - Ikea 
This is my dresser right now, I know it's very messy and cluttered.
But with moving and all that everything just doesn't' have a space,
don't even have my jewellery box on it that took up to much room. 

This is my dresser that I'm getting, to replace the old broken one I have.
It's going to have my Tv on it as well. I'm going to use one of the small drawers to house all my make-up,
so it's out of the way and less cluttered like my old one is.

Sites :: 

Canada  -- http://www.ikea.com/ca/en/
Select a country -- http://www.ikea.com

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