Friday, 31 October 2014

Dove - body wash

Lovelies ! 

I decided to try a new product out, not normally go for this product brand it's one of those that I normally look at. In the winter time I go out and buy Aveeno or Olay cream body wash, because I find they work the best against dry skin in the Canadian winters. Recently my doctor sent me home with a little trial bottle of the sensitive skin dove body wash. Didn't like the smell of it at all but I loved how it made my skin feel. So I decided to check out the other scents they had, but wasn't to crazy for fruit scents so I went with this one. But now this is my all time favourite new body wash, it's so moisturizing and it feels like you are putting lotion on your skin in the shower. It's very creamy and thick for a body wash. I use a good loony size of this to do my whole body. I would recommend this body wash to any one that has dry skin over the winter months, I've added it to my list of body washes to put in rotation.

Some portion of the purchase of dove products, go to their charity. 

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