Thursday, 16 October 2014

Dove Adavance Hair series


I can't remember when I signed up for these, but they recently came in the mail. They are both 30ml samples of new Dove Oxygen moisture for fine hair. So far I've used this for a week so far and it's the best moisture shampoo for my hair type. It added just the right moisture to the right amount of volume that I like for my hair. One thing I love about this product it will be the first moisture shampoo I can use.  I find it really hard to find moisture shampoo for my fine hair type because it weighs it down and it becomes oily and greasy with in a couple hours. Think it will be a good shampoo for the Canadian winter because I tend to get a little dry in the winter, now I find a shampoo that will help with this problem and not make it worse. 

The shampoo is clear and light weight it came out of the tube quite simple. I did a quarter size and that was enough to do my whole head with a good lather. The conditioner I did a pea size, found that was a little to much so I cut back and did a smaller pea it was just right. Its creamy and light for the conditioner very nice after leaving it in my hair for a few minutes before washing it out.  

So have you tried any other Dove hair care products, let me know what you think? ♥︎ KT 


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