Monday, 15 September 2014

Some new things !


I know it's been a while, but I've been really busy lately with going back to work. If you follow me regularly I'm re-doing my room, so that is taking most  of my free time that I would normally blog. But I did find sometime to go to Walmart to pick up some stuff I had a coupon for. The coupon was buy 2 Cover girl mascara's and get a nail polish or lip gloss free. I'm not a lip gloss person very much so I went with the free nail polish instead.

When I was in the makeup section they had under $5 dollar bins, checked them out there were Maybelenne baby lips multiple types. I love just my clear ( blue ) version, decided to try the Dr. Rescure version. Picked up the color Coral Crave ( 55 ) they are medicated so the directions on use are different than other lip balms. 3-4 tops daily it says to apply, but I use it when my lips are crack and I need that burst of moisture. Also I live in Canada! so I thought it would be great in the winter when the corners of my lips crack. 

The 2 mascaras' that I got were Lash Blast Clump Crusher, to replace the one I already have. It's my favourite mascara on how it makes my lashes look. The yellow one is an old favourite, its the Lash Blast Length. It's got a plastic straight applicator with tiny little brushes ( picture below ) It gets lose stubborn lashes that some mascara miss. Pulls your lashes up and away and works amazing with a lash curler. Also I find with CG mascara's they don't clump or look gooey on your lashes, no one likes a spider lash now do we ladies! 

Last product I got that day was the free CG nail polish!! I've not tried they nail polish before so their will be a review coming soon as well. But the color I got is 313 - Bombshell it's this small shimmery pink color. Out of the selection they had it was the color I really liked. There was a taupe color that I was eyeing but I thought it was free so I thought I just choose a fun color. Taupe color on your toes isn't a really FUN! color to put on specially through the gloomy days of Canada winters. 

What are some of your finds that you have found lately? 

Room update soon on how that is coming along. With choosing paint color ect. 

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