Sunday, 28 September 2014

Room update # 3 Paint Reveal


Hey for some new readers I'm re-decorating my room, fresh paint and new everything. Just needed an updated look to my room. Also found  it was a great way to declutter my room, and to get rid of stuff I don't need any more. For the people that are following since my last room post all know that till now I had not shared what my color choice was. But now I will share with you my room colors. I hope you like them is much as I do. My room scheme is going to white/black and great as my other tones, to go well with the purple shades I chose.  You ask why 2 colors Katie, I'll tell ya I couldn't decide on what color I actually liked. With having a small room couldn't' do my whole room in the darker color. So I chose a lighter color to balance it all, thought it would work nice. Most paint websites have that virtual walls so you can get help on what color choices you would like to have. So I hope you enjoy the colors I went with, let me know what you think of them. Also let me know if you have any suggestions on what other colors would look good. 

Next post will be the final reveal on how my room will be with all new furniture. 

(L-R) The lighting in the first picture is Mid day time natural .
The next is around 5:30pm with natural light sun going down
The last one is around 7:30pm barely sun up and my room light.  

Subtle Purple 

Raspberry Wine 

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