Monday, 22 September 2014

Room Tour update #2


Hey guys thought I should update you on how the room redecorating is going. Well today I went to go get paint, you will have to wait to see what it is keeping that a surprise for you ya! Slowly in few days I should be ready to paint, there are 2 paint colors I'm doing 3 walls the same. But I'm adding a darker color on one for an accent wall. Actually couldn't decide on if I wanted to go dark or light, so I picked the 2 colors I like the most. Today got a good chunk of my room cleaned out, pictures off walls shelves are off the walls. Also today I did my organizer in my closet, that was another help with having a small room. For an update to my white shelves that you saw in the first update are getting a face lift, they are going to be painted flat black ( matte ). I think out of this I'll do the paint surprise when I start painting my room. Than once I have everything in. If you guys would like I can do an organization picture/video for you. So if you have a small room as well  you can have some tips or some help.  ♥︎ KT 

This video is from my door into my room, ending at the same door. 

Before; Just had one rod across the width of my closet. I had a shelf above as well
that was for my extra bed sheets and boxes of electronics I own. 

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