Sunday, 7 September 2014

New start !!


I'm saying sorry now for the lack of posts, I decided to re-do my room! I thought it would a be a cool process to share what I got so far, the process is more just slowly getting everything out of my room.  I decided on a the dark purple room color so in the paint chip ( in the picture) it's the first color on your left. If you think it should be the middle color let me know, because there is a debate if the dark is going to be too dark. 

So the plan is to put an organizer in my closet to make it a little more space. I have a very small room so trying to find organizational things to help. Also some of the stuff in my room now should go, either don't need them or just out grown. Looking at make up storage too, find I have to switch that up as well. For long time my perfume and random bottles of body mist were on a shelf. I just have them on a cleaned shelf because I still use some of them. So far I have 3 shelfs cleaned out and in boxes, I still need to do a lot more if I want to paint my room. I'm gosling for paint and be done by halloween. I hopefully be done organization and things done by christmas so I'm not rushed over holidays. 

So please tell me what you think I should do, through the stages I will be doing post on my bedroom situation. ♥︎ KT 

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