Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Go-to pallet Too Faced Natural eye


I've noticed that Too Faced has redone their pallets, put them into smaller boxes and changed some of the colors around. I thought I would share with you my first pallet I bought in our Sephora when it opened my all time go-to pallet. I find myself reaching for this more than my Naked 1 pallet, for some reason, just love how easy it is to get an amazing look with little effort when your in a rush or don't have to much time it's great. It's fast and simple and great to create a look that will work day and night if you wish. 

Each of the pallets come with 3 cars with step by step instructions, to creat that look of that card. Which come in handy for a specific you want to achieve, or you can take it into your own creativity look. Find with the old packaging it was to bulky, if you were looking to travel along with it. The new boxes seemed to me more compact and slimmed down great for travel. Now with the new pallet that they brought out they have 3 new colors, I've not checked these new color out myself yet.

 I think it's great because Nude Beach color was way to chunky of a glitter to work with in my opionion. I think I will purchase it again so I have the old version with the colors that no longer come in the new one.  If you are looking for a great pallet all around from beginner to expert this would be great choice. You got a lot of freedom in this pallet, you can great some amazing looks with this. I've used this for wedding makeup I've done for my friends wedding, to going out with the girls for some cocktails.

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These are the old colors 

The * NEW * box that is smaller and more compact for travel.
Also they have switched out some of the colors for some new ones.
$ 36.00 US $45.00 CAN

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