Thursday, 18 September 2014

August and Early September empties !!

Lovelies !! 

Lately I've been trying to get through products I already have with out the urge too buy new. It's harder than you think, if you read my last post I broke down and got some new mascara's and nail polish. To start with I thought I would share how I collect my empties for posts, I have an old bag that I have that things go in when I'm done. That way they are all together and don't have to go looking for them for posts. FYI I will be putting these in little groups to help with how long this post may turn out. Do you have a way that you collect your empties ? ♥︎ KT

Body -

 Tone body wash - Is my all time favourite cream wash. Comes in amazing scents, leaves your skin so soft and moisturized. The shea butter and vitamin E along with the scent of oatmeal makes it smell so good. This was my mother choice she also loves tone for the fact how much product you get, it doesn't seem that we go through it as fast as others. 

Olay -  This was disappointing for me did not like this one at all. I love Olay body wash in the winter time because it's so buttery that it helps with dry weather. But this scent is horrible its the vanilla scent, but it's that fake vanilla scent even when on your skin. I wouldn't recommend this scent but still love the product. Specially if you live in Canada or some place that gets cold dry winters, it's very soothing. 

Rimmel london glam perfume - This was a gift from my mom, not sure if you can buy it any more. It's got floral notes along with mango and pineapple as a hint. Smells amazing, doesn't last long on skin. 

Bodycology body mist in Toasted sugar -  Normal body mist that smells sweet like sugar but has some vanilla backgrounds to it. Last a little while on skin and clothing. 

Calgon body mist in Hawaiian Ginger -  This seems to be everyones' favourite along with their orchid one. Just great all year around body mist, doesn't seem to last as long as the Bath and Body Works mists thought. 


Pureology  This is a very old product that I had to dump the last little bit because it didn't smell right.  I got this in my early 20's when I had blonde highlights in my hair, but now that I have red hair it helped a lot. It's a color guard UV spray, it helps a lot just spray in hair and I just brush it through. Also it helps to protect if your going in and out of a pool, found that the chlorine did't dry it out as fast with spraying this prior into my hair. 

Biologe shampoo - ( still using the conditoner ) This was a sample of their colorlast line, which they seemed that they re-did their product lines. The shampoo was amazing lathered up well, left my hair with that wash feeling with out drying my hair. With fine hair have to watch certain products and shampoo's because they can make my hair oily and greasy. I would highly recommend this line, I will be perches this in the volume shampoo after all my other are finished. 

Dry shampoo 

Rockaholic - (breast cancer pink addition ) This is a an amazing dry shampoo, works well smells amazing. The spray on this is great it's very even, doesn't really leave a white cast on dark hair. One thing if you don't spread this evenly you may feel a little chalky. 

Salon Selective's -  Is another dry shampoo found this at an end else at Walmart, only in Canada as far as I know because it's a Canadian product. This was a great shampoo wish it was a little dryer to soak up the oil, but it worked great specially for just spot oil control. Used it by my ears and bangs it's a finer spray you can control it one spot better, than others.  * Salon Selective's is an All Canadian Company  


Scope - This was a travel bottle of scope I got from my last visit from the dentist, just finished it because it was in my purse. Great for travel or office desk, specially if you don't have gum or mints on hand. It has that new outlast long power to it, it lasted a while if you don't eat or drink anything after. Killed the coffee grossness in my mouth that sometimes bothers me specially when I'm out and about. 

Freeman avocado mask - Twice every month I like to do a face mask, keeps my skin in good health. When I find my skin getting dull or if I have some acne coming I though on a mask. 


Lemon verbena -  This was a great candle, if you love the smell if citrus you will love this one. Even thought right now BB&W are now into their fall scents, they still have some lemon scents still available. Filled the room with the great scent, even put it to the test of deep frying an it took the scent out of the room. 

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