Thursday, 21 August 2014

Warning !! watch what you buy for your skin type :(


Well ladies sorry for no new post, don't worry  there are more coming !!! If you follow me on Intagram you will see some lip colors I've been playing with lately there will be a post on what I thought coming soon! But recently this happened, I woke up with my eye lid being all red and tight looking. When I ran my finger over it felt like dried up leather, was freaking out about it. I phoned my doctor and he saw me that day and he told me I had chemical burn to my eye lid area, he helped me try to narrow it down trust me he frowned upon on the make up wearing, for the fact they can put anything in products. We narrowed it down it wasn't any of my make up or mascaras thank god! So he asked me what I use to wash off my eye make up, so I told him what I use and BINGO he giggled at me called me a delicate flower. It was the kind of wipes I was using, started using them all the time every day. So the alcohol content in the wipes did this to my sensitive skin and burned my eye lids. So I have to use Hydrocortisone  cream to help the redness and the skin irritation that I got going on. It's cleared up since this picture was taken on Monday, it is now almost friday and the cream is so soothing. So now I've stopped using the non-sensitive wipes and went out and got some for sensitive skin, which they make with out alcohol in them. So when you are shopping for wipes or eye make up remover try to get the sensitive skin type. It's much more gentle on your skin, and you won't turn out like me !! So I've been washing my face with Cetaphil these past couple days, just to give my skin/eye area a break. So please watch what you buy for your skin type, don't turn out like me! 

Taken on Monday 
Today ( Thursday ) 

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