Monday, 18 August 2014

MAC shadow in Sable


Well, well I just bought my first MAC eyeshadow this past week, it's a mixed love.  You guys are probably freaking out that I've never used MAC products before. Well where I live in Canada, we just got a MAC counter almost 2 years ago, when our mall went under reno. We had Sephora before our MAC counter  so I became a fan of Urband Decay. To deal with the loss of MAC in the begging I would try to color match MAC shadows to UD's. There was one MAC shadow that just couldn't match, that is Sable. Sable is ones of those color's that would be great for a starter kit, even for the makeup lover it's a must have. This shadow is a  luster finish ( bare with me on MAC lingo ) it's so silky finish to your eye makeup. You can do so much with this color, you can ware it by itself or add more colors for a more dramatic look. Now that I have one shadow from them I'm looking into Woodwinked as well to have in my collection. Because that's another one I think would be great company in a look with sable. I more stick to naturals, and browns I have green/blue eyes browns pick up the green in my eyes more. ♥︎ KT 

- Blends amazingly 
- No fall out 
- Great color for beginners or first time MAC users like myself 
- You can try each color on what will  work for you
- MAC counter girls will help you out with any questions. 


- Faded a little more than was expecting it too ( could just be that color ) 
- $ 19 CAN 


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