Sunday, 10 August 2014

Garnier ultra-lift skin corrector


I by no means close to age where I need to start using Anti-Aging products, but this was sent to me for a sample. First off this product alone at my local Walmart is $ 18.97 CAN so it is a product I decently want to thing long and hard about. So far this product is amazing!! It feels amazing on your skin, I use it kinda like benefits Porefessional. As a primer to my BB creams or foundation. They just came out with the 5 sec Blur instant smoother, which is more for my age range.  The feeling on your skin is refreshing, I go a little more heavy around my eye area because my pores are little big around that area.  So if you are looking out there to give your foundation routine a good base, at the price of drug store than I recommend this. Also great for any skin type, my skin is very fussy so when this did't break me out it was a bonus  ♥︎ KT 

$18.97 CAN for 50ml 
$15.97 CAN for 22ml 


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