Saturday, 30 August 2014

Biolage Matrix - COLORLAST


I got this product to try as a sample and I wanted to use the whole product before I told you guys about it. Sadly though I forgot to keep the little packages that it came in, but I did find a picture ( google ) of the whole line for you. They sent me the Colorlast shampoo and conditioner, one thing I wish I could was pick the sample really want to try the volume based one. When I did get this in the mail, just recently dyed my hair so it was timing on my part to try a Color hair shampoo system.

First week -  Lathered up nicely and smelled wonderful, It's a clear based shampoo with a very creamy conditioner to company it.  Made my hair so light!  With having fine hair it's a struggle to find a decent shampoo for me. Specially find a correct color shampoo, normally just use normal shampoo for my color hair, that is sulfate free and say on the bottle can use in Color Treated hair. Dying my hair red I found it brought out the color very nicely. It had shine and great texture to my hair, didn't weigh down at all.  

Second week -   My hair was so soft, not weighed down by any build up from the shampoo. My hair liked even the conditioner that I used as a mask. It leaves your hair very silky and smooth looking. What it did for my color! It brought out the tones of red that would hit the light and make it pop, It made the color look true and natural looking.

They were very generous with their samples, this all depends on your hair length and type. I got at least 3 washes out of the packet. I'm still working on the conditioner because, my hair type gets weighed down by all. I mostly use conditioner as a mask couple times a week, just to give my hair some extra moisture. 
Shampoo, Conditioner, Colorlast mask, Color shine shake. 
Also in the family are ;

VOLUMEBLOOM -  With formula mimicking the cotton flower, will give your limp hair some UMH!! 

HYDRASOURCE - Has Aloe plant extract to keep hair 15x moisturized after just one application. 

I was very happy with this product and I'm looking into buying a full bottle, when I'm done my others that I have in the shower. I would recommend this product and other lines to friends, they have a great range of products for everyone.

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