Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Purse Mini's


I think as a girl these should small mini's of products should in our purses. I even like the travel sizes of shampoo and body wash, so I can see if it's worth buying a big bottle of it. If I don't like it why waste the money on a big bottle of it when I could have gotten a travel size to try. They are great to have in you purse just in case those late nights or you don't come home. Even they are great for those camping trips and vacations. Specially the staple should be the wet cleanser wipes because you should always wash off your make up before sleeping. Specially if your a contact wearer you should alway keep your eye area clean. Keep reading for little break downs of each product with mini reviews. ♥︎ KT 

Neutrogena no water face wipes
Marc Anthony - Dry shampoo 
 Neutrogena face cleansing wipes : These are my favourite!!! They don't burn your eyes or irritate them at all. These wipes take off all make up even the hard mascara's and eyeliners that can give you a hard time at coming off at night. One thing I love about them is they don't have the alcohol smell or stingy effect that I know some face wipes have on your face area. With the larger pack of these they don't dry out at all like most do, the package seals up again with no air drying out the next one. The best thing about these is how they make my skin feel, after using one of these to get off all the stubborn make up off is CLEAN!! They make your skin feel amazing with out residue or any gorse film. If I do full foundation routine and eye make up, one sheet of this clean everything up with out smearing or tugging.

Marc Anthony - Dry shampoo ( Travel spray ): I've never tried any Marc Anthony products before, but first thought of this with one product was disappointing. It didn't seem to soak up anything, unless I didn't shake it enough to distribute product well enough not to sure on that part. It smelled great and it traveled well in my purse, just didn't seem to do anything for me. Like other dry shampoo's they help with my fine hair a little on absorbing the oil of my roots. But on another note, I will be trying this again to have a fair review for you guys to share.

Pepto Bismol to go in cherry chewables
Dove go fresh antiperspirant - Cucumber scent
Pepto-Bismol Chewable -  Not yet used these bad boys yet

Done Go Fresh Cucumber deodorant -    First of Dove makes awesome scents, but it's not really strong enough for me. I sweat horribly and need to really look at each deordorant/anti-persprint before purchase. I use 2 deodorants with alternating days just to keep myself dry, and smelling good.  With this mini wasn't my first choice but didn't have much choice on scent or brand in that matter. The Dove travel size only comes in Cucumber scent not sure if there is other scents, this one is the only one I see. There isn't really a good selection on mini deodorants' for females, also didn't want to carry a big normal size one in my purse can melt or break in tiny pieces. Worse case you could always buy a mens versions in mini travel size, if you aren't to thrilled about female scents or selection.  But before I had my bad sweating issues I use to love Dove, it  was my favourite on how it makes my skin feel in that region. But for just a re-fresher and to have that clean feeling, this is great product to have in your purse. 

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