Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New addition


This isn't a post on any products, just letting you in something new in my life. I got a new tattoo on my right foot. I have one on my left foot and in total I have 4 tattoo's, more on the way my next one is in October. If you want more info on tattoo's or want a post on my tattoo's or tattoo care. Heck even how I keep mine in good shape, please leave me a comment down below :) KT 

Movember tattoo - Threat Omega Mo 
Maple leafs with rainbow trout print- For my dad who likes fishing and Molson Canadain Beer 
Whales * NEW * - Iv' loved Orca whales since I was a child and it was nothing I shared with my grandmother.
Ribbon - Breast cancer ribbon for my mom who has been cancer free for 5 years !!

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