Friday, 11 July 2014

Beauty Blender solid soap brush cleaner


To all good beauty tips and tutorials come with having good brushes, but if we don't take care of them they fall apart or break. Doesn't matter if you have cheap ones to expensive ones this will work on all. I have a great range from cheap to expensive myself and the old way I use to wash them and this new one will work great! 

My old way of deep cleaning: The good old baby shampoo lather rinse repeat let dry technique. Which if you have a lot of brushes takes forever!

Spot cleaning: I use rubbing alcohol to kill any bacteria, rinse let dry over night. 

But I wanted something I knew that was made for the bristles of my brushes. Yes some brushes are made out of set hair of an animal, but I wanted something that was going to keep them in good shape. Don't know what the baby shampoo technique over time was going to do to my brushes. So I contacted Beauty Blender on twitter and asked them if their solid bar soap would be a good choice for my cleaning. They helped me right away and I went to my Sephora and bought one of the discs

This product is so easy to use; wet your brush rub on bar soap. Rub and swirl your brush on your hand, rinse brush till product is off. Big face brushes or you use a lot of liquid foundations with brushes I would use this a couple of times to make sure product is out of your brushes. Make sure your brushes when rinsing them are pointed bristles down, the water running into the metal part ( Ferrule ) it will loosen up the glue. Squeeze out extra water and than place in a shape roll or lay them flat on paper towel to catch some drips that may happen. 

So how do you clean your brushes do you have a specific technique, let me know would love to hear ! 

Beauty Blender Price : $16.50... +  not include shipping and handling
Sephora's Price $ 20 online $22 in store CAN

Sorry for dirty soap. Comes with great to run brushes over to extra help of getting product out.

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  1. this sounds like an amazing product!

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