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Arbonne - Review


Gonna warn you now it's going to be a huge blog, there is a lot of product info and greatness. My friend came to me with this wonderful new product, she thought I would love the product and maybe I would love to sell it myself at some point. So she introduced me to the products set below she told me what she thought I liked to my skin type. I had used them day an night for 6 days and fell in love how they made my skin feel. Never used a product that made my skin feel healthy and clean.

So I will be going through each product to let you know what I like and disliked about each. What I truly thought about it. I have 2 things in mind that I will be buying, never had a face product make my skin feel so nice before, yes they products are pricey. I thought about it they are so many natural based good ingredients to these products that it is worth it in the long run. I rather have good products touch  my skin so when I get older I have no problems with my skin. If you want more info please feel free to leave me a comment and so forth. ♥︎ KT 

Keep reading below with product info and my thought on each product!! .... 

(L-R) Clear advantage, FC5- Hydrating cleanser,
FC5- SPF 20 day moisturizer, FC5- night moisturizer

The idea to provide skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness developed in Switzerland in 1975, when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne." 

Nurturing Day Lotion with SPF 20  ($ $49.00 CAN ) - This was amazing, never had such a great moisturizer before. Not  many face day creams only have 10-15 SPF I've never seen a 20 SPF  that was a plus. One thing I really liked was that it was a one pump only, you didn't find that you were wasting product. The product itself comes from the bottom so you never waste any product down in the bottom of containers. The pump gives you a pea size amount which is perfect to do your face and neck area with out being greasy.  

Hydrating Cleanser + Freshener  ( $32.00 CAN ) - Out of the 2 cleansers that I got the gel based one was my favourite. This one was a little to rich for my skin, they have a cleanser + toner mix that I will be looking into when purchasing my own. But on the other hand I can see myself using this over our harsh Canadian winters, because it felt so moisturizing when washing my face. 

Moisturizing Night Crème ($52.00 CAN ) - Found with this product that it was a little to heavy for me. But at night just used it on my trouble areas' and that seemed to work a lot better than just all over. This night cream is very buttery and velvety it would be great for normal to dry skin, was a little to much for oil/combination though.  

Clear Advantage Clarifying Wash ($22.00 CAN ) - This was amazing even with not having is much acne as earlier in my life as a teen. You can use this product if you don't have acne it will help those weird break outs that everyone gets either whats going on in the air or time of month.  One thing that I thought was very helpful with having spot acne was having 1% Salicylic acid and botanical complex. It just seems to work better than some over the counter washes from drug stores, it wasn't drying at all or didn't have the alcohol tingle/burning. The consistency of this product was more of a gel it's was  clear in color. The small whole made it so you can control on how much you use, I used a dime size amount to do my face. 

These cleansers you never got that tight skin feeling at all, which I thought was amazing. It took off all my make up that was on my face with no problems at all, even some hard mascara and eyeliner was nothing with these. Cleansers with the lotions were so heavenly I looked forward every morning to wash my face, with each product. To test out all the products my friend let me use I alternated what products I used.  She also let  my mom the anti-aging line and I used the cleanser of that too, there was nothing to complain about that line either. Yes this stuff is expensive but do pros' and con's list and add up what you normally buy to wash your face, with all potions and lotions. Really take a look at these products because they changed my skin and I only had the products for 5 days, in those 5 days I saw a change in my skin and how it felt and looked.

How to order : 

Step 1 - Got to or one of the links that I listed depending on where you are. 

Step 2 click join argonne at the top of the page

Step 3- choose how they would like to shop (either client or preferred client to save 20%) ** you can change this later depending on your income.

Step 4 - If you wish to use my friend and her, consultant ID at the bottom of the page and they will be sent their own unique shopping pin

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