Thursday, 19 June 2014

Garnier body - Hydrating Gel Cream with Grape Oil


I've been using this for 3 weeks now and I've never used a lotion, that feels this amazing on my skin hands down never used a lotion that I actually liked. The old body lotion I had was expired and I needed to be thrown out, my little trial lotions don't have enough of to get me through the summer. Also I find with some lotions they are to heavy for summer time. I have a pool and love the sun, so I need extra moisture as well because it can dry out your skin big time.So I saw this at my local Dollar store for $3 CAN, it is normally around $8-9 CAN at Walmart. As far as Garnier products they are by far my favourite for face products but never used their body care before. 

I've used their gel products before in their face care but never crossed my mind for body care. I'm glad I tried this gel-lotion combo, it's totally different from your typical old school lotions on the market. Hands down it's one of the best feeling lotion I've  used on my skin. It absorbs so nicely into you skin with out greasy or a weird residue. I feel a difference in my skin by using this product, makes everything feel so nice and soft to the touch. I will continue to buy this product it has found a way into my routine, I gonna try to use the other ranges of this lotion. It comes in normal lotion base and the gel form, with a range of scents and different ranges of normal to dry skin formulas. 

What are some of your favourite body lotions ? 

♥︎ KT 

Enriched with naturally derived grape oil containing vitamin E and essential nutrients, this hydrating gel-cream nourishes and protects skin from dryness. Its lightweight texture penetrates instantly.

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