Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Camomile Eye makeup remover from the Body shop


Trust me ladies when it comes eye make up remover we can try a lot on the market. Sometimes it works out and we find that one that works well or we find that one that doesn't do anything it can be frustrating. So I tried my share of eye make up removers in the drug store, yes I found one that I really like but. I wanted something that I was going to get more bang for my buck and not have repurchase after a month or a bit. So when I was at the Body Shop getting my face cleanser, they had a deal on products one of those by 2 get 2 free things. 

So I picked up the travel size (50ml ) of the Camomile eye make up remover. Than I was hooked, so I used up all of my drug store bottle at the time so I can just continue to use the travel size bottle. So when it came close to my birthday my mom need moisturizer, went back into the Body shop and bought the big bottle of the Camomile( 250 ml). The lady said they had a waterproof one that was brand new thought I'd like it too, so got that one in (150 ml ). Both bottles have a little whole at the top that way you don't waste any product when putting it on a cotton round our ball. I find the pads work better with these kind of products. 

The original Camomile ( white bottle ) ~  Absolutely love this product! like I said I just have enough in my little bottle. Trying to use some up some in the big bottle so I can poor the little bottle in the big bottle.  It takes off mascara with no scrubbing at all, it's gentle. It doesn't burn or dry out your skin around your eye balls. Also keeps those racoon eye at bay, doesn't smear the product all around either.   

Waterproof one ~  This one is one of those you have to shake to make the concoction mix together.  I use the Cover girl 24/7 mascara in non waterproof and it's hard to budge off with water. So I purchased this product just for that mascara which I wear to work because it lasts all day with out flaking. It makes that mascara come off so easily with out breaking my eyelashes, that some waterproof types can. Also  with trying it on long wear eyeliner too melts it right off with good old raccoon eyes. 
Approx $ 16.00 CAN. online right now for $8.00 CAN
but you can find good deals at the stores.

What are some of your favourite makeup removers out there ? 

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  1. I have the Body Shop Camomile oil and I love it for removing makeup x

    1. haven't tried the oil yet, may look at it the next time I'm there. Always concerned about that because I have oily skin as it is