Monday, 30 June 2014

Bath and Body Works candle empties


This past couple of months I went through some candles. My candle bucket is getting smaller, I just have one LG candle and 3 little ones left. But I'm hoping that I can go out and get some LG ones, I find the LG ones last longer and they fill the room better with the scent.  But so far the scents that I've had have been really great. There was on called Pink Sangria that I wasn't a fan of, so I went  downstairs in my dad's work room lol.  

What I look into a candle is I like fresh smelling it is, not a fan of the food scents I find them very gross. I got towards the citrus scents and fresh laundry smelling notes. I find they take the smell out of the air better. One thing I love about they candles is that they burn evenly, they don't have high or low parts in the candle. The glass jars they come in are also can be used for different things and crafts, after set candle is done. 

Tell me what are your favourite scents ? 
Island Margarita, Sandlewood Citrus, White Palm 

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