Thursday, 29 May 2014

Summer nail polish colors


I was going through my nail polish collection, and other than pinks I had no other summer color. So I went to Target and they had Sally Hansen's buy 2 $4.00 CAN. These were the 2 colors that caught my eye, don't have a blue in my collection, I have purple but not light pastel version. Thought these 2 were great for summer time they are bright and fun. You can do so much with these 2 colors, even doing some art on top of them. 

For the formula of the Hard as nails extreme wear are amazing, they are very pigmented with out being streaky, applying 2 coats is all you need. They wear a good amount of time, I've not yet had a color chip on me. I would wear a base coat for dark colors because they are more prone to stain your nails the same color. I also found you don't need to wear a top coat if you don't want to, they have a good shine on their own. 

What are some of your favourite summer nail colors please share in comments below ? ♥︎KT 

Lacy lilac 

Blizzard Blue 

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  1. I really love the Sally Hansen nail polish formula.. they do an amazing hot pink one :)