Thursday, 1 May 2014

* New Garnier Clean + Eliminating scrub with Charcoal


I've been using this product now for 3 weeks now, never thought I would switch away from my favourite  Neutrogena. But I think I found one that is par with my Neautrogena scrubs, that I love so much. Never really used Garnier face products before, I use their face wipes and their make up remover before but never cleansers or scrubs before this. At first this product isn't as grainy as I'm use to, so I didn't think that I would love it. But once you massage it into your skin you get more grit of big and small parts of charcoal. It easily works into itself nicely after the grit has dissolved the lather that you get once adding some water is so nice on your skin. I've tried most Neautrogena's scrubs and some leave my skin tight and a little tight and a little  irritated by the scrub itself. This clean + product doesn't also gives your skin a nice glow but not to shiny, that you have to use another product to reduce the shine. Really makes your skin feel like you used a deep pore mask on it, in the shower I was quite happy on how this product performed. I'm hoping I can get a chance to use more of this product line, if they are anything like this scrub. ♥︎ KT


Gell based product that you can actually  see the Charcoal in the product.
Has a great smell to it, not unpleasant  
The whole clean + line, they also make the scrubs in different needs as well.
Red - Balancing
Green - Invigorating 

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