Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Candle Empties


 Normally I just burn candles at the end of the day to relax from a busy day. But lately I've been burning candles all the time, so these small and medium candles from Bath and Body Works. When I go to BBW I find that the medium size candles are the right size for me specially when they don't have their 3 for $25 deal on in the store. The 2 small ones ( 5oz) ones I was not sure on the smell, wasn't going to waste the money on scents I didn't know if I was going to like it or not.Also I find the lemon scented ones are great to burn after frying stuff in the kitchen, takes the smell out right away.   My all time favourite is the stress relief in Eucalyptus mint, that one I will repurchase over again. The candles that I find myself leaning towards are the fresh scents, don't like any of the candy scented ones, I find them so gross smelling and don't want my house smelling like candy, or chocolate.  Right now I'm burning White Palm. 

There candles are so wonderful they burn evenly which I find Yankee Candle is hit or miss. Also I find over time their scents don't fade, when I burn a candle from BBW they smell soo good. 
You are a loud to mix and match candles in the store, so you can find a scent in any candle size as you wish.  Never had a bad candle from them yet. Let me know what you candle scents are your favourite?! ♥︎ KT

( L-R ) ~ Sandalwood and citrus, Stress relief in Eucalyptus Spearmint,
Island Margarita, Snowed In, Beach Grass. 

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