Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Simple make up storage


First off I can't take full credit for this idea, I got the idea from my friend Holly and chatting with her on make up container tips and she gave me this idea. There are these candle holders at Ikea that are perfect, to house your brushes and mascaras. I wanted 2 so I can keep my brushes in one and have my mascara's and eye-liners in another. What I use to use that I out grew was a old drink glass that I took from a bar that was closing. The only thing I wish is the pot holders of these came in a green that matched my room, the pot holder was to big and to deep to store anything in. So I just went with these 2 cute candle holders, that only came in white and pink. I hope you guys like this idea and you start searching for new make up storage ways. 


$1.99 CAN 
The small ones like these are candle holders. The bigger  ones are pot holders for plants.

Where to buy : At your local Ikea near you 

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