Sunday, 6 April 2014

Joico Voulume Shampoo


I went recently to the BSO to get more professional shampoo,  having a salon type along with drug store alternate with gives my hair a break.  With my hair being so fine and thin I have a problem with oily hair. I mostly use the drug store type is a clarifying shampoo to help out all the build up from products, that I use in my hair or dry shampoo that is in my hair.

I normally use Bed Head volume shampoo ( pink bottle ) but I wanted to try something different. I thought trying a new shampoo won't hurt and worse case I can always go back to my favourite bed head. So the BSO had 1L bottles of Joico on sale for $20, couldn't pass up the deal so I picked up a bottle. I know that's a lot of shampoo but if I needed a change I just put it away and use something else and go back to it. The girl at the BSO said it would be alright in my linen closet till I want to use it again if I stop using it if I wished. I've used Joico before but it was a long time ago, when I first  started dying my hair use to use their color protecting shampoo and loved that. So I decided to go back to their shampoo and try their volume one out. So far I've used it for 3 weeks now and absolute love it. One thing I love this product don't need a whole lot of it to do my hair, it only took one pump to get full lather and suds working. With other shampoo I would be greasy by mid day, but this shampoo kept my hair feeling the day I washed it no greasy mess.  Haven't tried it yet with combo with a conditioner because rarely use it because it makes my hair oily and weighs down my fine hair. 

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