Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Face routine products

Lovelies ! 

Someone recently asked me what I use to keep my skin so clear. I thought I should share my skin routine that now I’m happy with, its mixed there is some mid range products and your typical drug store also did not find this over night. It took some time using different products to see what worked and didn’t. I know that can be frustrating at times but you have to push on and find that one product or line that makes your skin great.  Most of my skin care is from The body shop, found that they have less bad ingredients than some you will find in the drug store. Also they also have good deals and you can mix and match, products from different lines to find what you feel is a good match to you and your skin. The ladies there  are there for you, use them tell them your needs and what problems you may have. 

Make up remover - Camomile make up remover, this stuff gets off tough eye make up. Also it's the first one that doesn't bug my eyes or make them sting. Also makes your eye area soft and your lashes feel clean with out residue. 
Cleansers -  This saved me as a teen and been using it ever since. It battled my toughest acne flare ups to keeping my skin now as an adult clear. It takes some time to get use to the smell of this product line, but it is well worth it thought.
Toner - I also use the toner that goes with the tea tree line at the body shop. This stuff is amazing, you think you have all the dirt off your face when you cleanse your face. Guess again I was shocked on how much dirt comes off on the little cotton round.

↳Day :  I use simple's SPF 15 daily moisturizer. This is light weight but very moisturizing, also doesn't leave your skin greasy or oily at all. Also a good size pea will do my whole face an neck no problem. Also there is other choices in this moisture as well, if you don't do the bottle there is a tub version of this as well. There is only one that has SPF in it though that I've found in Canada.
↳ Night:   This is new product to my routine is a serum. I've never used such product before, I was finding my skin needed just more moisture at night. My dry spots of my face were getting worse and not getting better or levelling out with my skin. So with starting this new product it helped my flakiness and balancing my skin.

★Exfoliates -    I do this once every week to get really deep into my pores. Neutrogena is my go to when it comes to scrubs.  They are made very scrubby and thick, this one that I'm using right now is a cream based with grit. There are many different kinds, you just have to find the one that fits you.

 Mask Treatment - This is a monthly thing for me, not something I do all the time. If you don't do a mask than you should get on the wagon. I just use to pick up the cheap ones from Walmart/ drug stores, than I really thought about it. I should use a really good product if it's sitting on my skin for 10-15 minutes. I wanted a clay mask to draw out dirt and impurities so I talked to my girl at the Body shop and she leaned me towards seaweed line. It also matches my night serum line, they work so well together.

** For the different lines at the Body Shop, the ladies at the body shop are there to help you. Tell them your needs and they will lean you to what line is appropriate to you and your skin.  Also you don't have to stick to one line, I mixed and match 2 lines together to make up a full routine.
NOTE : If you wash your face in the shower, wash after washing hair. All the dirt and soap from washing your hair can go into your pores. Wash face after washing hair ! 


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  1. When I had a body shop near me (I don't now) I used to use the vitamin c serum and I lived it! My face is oily but I don't break out much so I'm not sure if the tea tree would work but the makeup remover sounds wonderful as well as the night serum and the mask! I never use masks because I'm I need to. Great post!