Monday, 21 April 2014

Bite lip mask


All of my life I've suffered with dry cracked lips, I've tried every lip balm from high end to low end. I've found what chapped sticks work for me they are Burts Bee's and EOS ball lip balms. I find the ones that are organic sink in my lips better.  Found also  using organic products also help when I have deep cashes and not getting them infected with the crap they put in some lip balms.  Having this problem with chapped lips/cracked I've never worn lipstick ever, because it refrains me to do so. Lipgloss just settles in the cracks, and it looks to gross to wear it, wearing lip stick just looks flakey and disgusting do to my lips aren't even with the cracks. So through some Guru's on youtube and my blog friends, I found out that BITE lip products. Found out that BITE makes a deep mask($30.00 CAN ), that is pose to help with softens and conditioning  your lips. One thing never thought I would be spending that much on something that could work or not was just CRAZY.  I'm glad I chose this product, I've been using this now for a month along side with my scrub and it's AMAZING !!! I've never used such a product on my lips that makes them feel amazing. I put it on at night so it has time to sink in really well, next morning my lips are HEAVEN! They are soft no cracks they are even, and just wearing lip balm to smooth things in the morning to give my lips some hydration after works really well. I found I can wear my lip gloss that I've been looking at for months again is fantastic step. There are some things like drinking more water and using this product more before I take a step for the lip stick whelm.  Just the lip gloss is such an improvement that I'll see where it will lead me into buying my first lipstick or not. Would you pay this much for this product yourself ? ♥︎ KT 

Has Agave and vanilla extract, gets some use to using.
$ 30.00 CAN 

Squeeze tube from the bottom like toothpaste, gives you the right amount.
I dab my finger on the top and what ever is on my finger that's all you need. 

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