Thursday, 6 March 2014

February Favourite's

Ladies !! 

Well another month has past, so sorry to my regular readers, I've not purchased anything new recently. I'm trying to use up products I've had for a while now. But in the mean time I pieced together some of the things I found myself reaching for the past month or so. I'm going to break these down for you as well. Links are at the bottom except the Equate face wipes they are Walmarts own brand.  Well I hope you like these favourites. ♥︎ KT 

Urban Decay eye shadow in Chopper - If you own Naked 2 than you know about this color. It's a hit or miss with the naked 2 pallet so I'm taking the colors I like out of the Naked 2 and buy the individually. Iv'e always liked the look of chopper in the Naked 2. It's a great copper/brown color, that works well with Naked 1 one that I have already.

Benefits There Real Mascara-   This is the first "High" end mascara that I've owned. I can see why this a cult favourite, it's an amazing mascara but it would be a treat for me if I actually got the full sized tube. This benefits mascara reaches every lash and it has little nibs on the end of the wand to reach those lashes. The only thing that I found that comes close to this is Cover girls Clump Crusher ( the green tube)

Equate Facial Wipes - These bad boys are from Walmart, they are their own brand. This is the small container, they come bigger tubs with replacement packages. Which I've very fond of for the fact I found face wipes, that I don't have to keep re-buying every time I'm done a package. These are very close to Yes to and Simple in how they feel to your skin. They don't burn your eyes and they take everything off with out residue.

Seaweed facial mask -  Found this bad boy while getting my night serum in the same line. I asked if they had a face mask that would help acne prone skin with combination skin. I found the cheap ones weren't doing anything for my skin so I wanted one that would benefit my skin. Also I didn't want like a one time use mask, wanted something that would last me a while. I do a mask every 2 months, let it sit till it gets good and hard or till it cracks again on my face. 

L-R: Benefits their Real mascara, Urban Decay, Chopper, Equate facial makeup wipes.
Body Shop seaweed mask.
Seaweed mask day !!! 


Benefits -
Body Shop Canada 

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  1. Chopper is a very pretty shadow color,Ive never used it though so I might have to go swatch it the next time im at Sephora. The Benefit there real mascara is really good, Ive had a few samples of it. Oh and the seaweed mask photo is lovely ;)